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A Family-Owned Solar Panel Cleaning Business

We're a professionally licensed, family-run, solar panel cleaning company, serving the South Bay Area Since 1988. Contact us for a free quote.

Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Solar Panel Cleaning Professionals J.R.'s Window cleaning offers solar panel cleaning for homes and businesses here in the South bay. Solar panels are basically covered with normal glass that need to be cleaned on a regulary basis in order to maintain an optimum level of performance. By keeping your panels clean, you save money.

All photovoltaic panel manufacturers recommend "regular" cleanings. When dust, dirt and other debris get on your solar panels, it prevents light from penetrating through the module glass decreasing your system's efficiency. The build-up on dirty panels comes from many sources: dust, dirt, tree debris, moss, sap, bird droppings, pollen, mold, and more.

Remember, we back all our work with this 100% guarantee: if you're not completely satisfied with our service, we will go back and redo anything you're not satisfied with...Guaranteed.

Benefits of Keeping Solar Panels Clean

With the major focus on renewable energy, solar panels are being installed on the roofs of homes and buildings all over America. The financial savings of clean solar panels is immediate. More electricity produced by the solar panels means less dollars billed by the utility company and a direct savings to the owner.

How Often Should Solar Panels be Cleaned?

Solar Panels Before Cleaning, and After Cleaning As you can see from the pictures, solar panels get dirty and in a relatively short amount of time. We recommened cleaning solar panels at least two times a year, early Spring, when the rainy season has passed, and late Summer/Fall, towards the end of summer, before the rainy season begins. You can insure that your solar power system is functioning at its optimum level of performance with regular cleanings. We can put you on a regular maintenance schedule to ensure that the benefits of your solar system will be running at it's best without you having to think about it.

Window Cleaning Services

We also offer professional window cleaning services. Options include cleaning windows both interior and exterior, cleaning window screens, window tracks, sky light cleaning and more. Call us at 408-288-5532 today for a Free Estimate, or click here for more information: window cleaning service.

Rain Gutter Cleaning Services

We offer professional rain gutter cleaning services as well. Options include: Clean off roof, clean out rain gutters and downspouts, then flush out gutter system with water to make sure everything is flowing properly. Call us today 408-288-5532 for a Free Estimate. For more information, click here: rain gutter cleaning service.

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